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Successful members of our Ile.


We congratulate Ruslan Starish (Ebora) from Moldova Republic, Kishinev City on getting the initiation Tefa Itelodu in Egbe Ogbodo Egunloye bi Ainbo in Ode Remo, Ogun State, Nigeria, in May 2008 and on getting the name Awo Baba Ifadahunsi EniOrisan. We congratulate him on the initiation in Egungun and on getting a position of Jagunmolu (Chief) Egbe Egungun Oje Dotun of Ode Remo.

We are grateful to the following teachers:

Odofin Olufemi Osokunbi Eni Orisan

Oluwo Adesanya Oluseye Adesegun (Ifaloba)

Oluwo Osokunbi Opeodu

Awo Baba Ifagbemi Sokunbi Oduwole Onajoko

Oluwo Abiodun Onifade Oduwole Sokunbi Oyeledu

Awo Baba Somorin Tunji

and many other people.

At the end of December, 2007 Baba Ifadahunsi got the Sefa initiation in Moscow at Аво Baba Ifagbemi Sokunbi Oduwole Onajoko. It was clear from the received in the process of Sefa initiation Odu that Baba Ifadahunsi had some troubles:

a)financial troubles (at that moment he didn’t have the means to go to Africa);

b)b) the enemies who were trying to hamper his Ifa practice.

After the Sefa initiation the problems were solved. It was foretold to come to Africa in three or four month to partake in the Tefa initiation. The necessary EBO was done.

Baba Ifadahunsi was confused , he didn’t know where to get money and how to get his family consent. But he managed to get everything in 45 days! We witnessed Ifa forces!

During the Ita prediction Ifa said that Baba Ifadaunsi was Babalawo and to be Babalawo was his duty. Being grateful to Ifa, he must entirely carry out his duties and can’t be involved in anything else. He was foretold to build an Egungun temple in the homeland and become the senior Ifa priest and Egungun in Moldova.

Baba Ifadaunsi got the position of Jagunmolu in Egbe Egungun Oje Dotun by the Seniors. We had some talks with LISA Ode Remo (the first chief after the king Ode Remo, the Ogbony patriach) about this title. And the Senior from Egbe Ogbodo Egunloye bi Ainbo explained that he let Baba Ifadaunsi have this title. At first this title was intended for Baba Ifagbemi Oduwole Onajoko but because of Odu Baba Ifadaunsi Baba Ifagbemi decided to let him have the title and the position of Jagunmolu. Now there are more than one hundred EGUN pots and Egungun dresses which adorn Egungun masquerade.

All Egungun Oje Dotun members pray for Jagunmolu and our Ile Ogbe Alara and Ile Eni Ori San Families.

Today you can get things of power and initiations in Moldova. Baba Ifadahunsi EniOriSan, under the name Ile Eni Ori San, is the chief of the first Ifa community in Moldova. He can make Egun Pot, Esu Pot, Ogun Pot for you, conduct the Sefa initiation for you, teach you spirit invocations, foretelling with Opele and working with Ibo, teach you an interaction with his things of power. You can ask him to foretell you the future and solve your problems.

We wish Awo Baba Ifadaunsi Eni Orisan and all our Egbe members success.

05.06.2008 All Ile Ogbe Alara members

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